Weston CAP / MA

Every client has a story to tell. The Town of Weston, MA worked with KLA to identify and prioritize sustainability goals for the community. In an effort to keep the residents informed, they created a public outreach program called Weston Ahead to engage the community during the process. To make the program easily identifiable, KLA created a visual brand that included a logo, type, and color palette. We, at Scouter Design, used these brand guidelines to develop various collateral that included a Climate Summary, Trend Report, and Toolkit. The Climate Action Plan shown below reveals the outcome of the findings and goals.

We explored page layouts and grids that would allow for the most flexible compositions to accommodate the various types of information. This included pull quotes, charts, main highlights, tables, and infographics.

Infographics make complex ideas and processes easy to understand and remember, so we found opportunities within the narrative to convert text to a more visual format.

Since this report would be primarily on-line, we included hyperlinks and bookmarks to make it easy to navigate and find information. Retaining the project's visual brand made the report easily identifiable to the residents, connecting them to the final goals of the Project.

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