Explore. Create. Connect.


Through research and exploration, we seek to uncover and understand what your audience cares about.


We develop smart concepts and deliver custom solutions that support your vision and relate to your audience.


Our clear and compelling designs visually highlight your story, delighting your audience.

...proof that the process can be fun!

"Terri is a critical thinker who works collaboratively with her colleagues and cilents to provide thoughtful, meaningful, and impactful design solutions to any problem. She is fun and easy to work with and always inspiring to those she coaches, mentors, and collaborates with. She easily guides her clients through the design process while keeping the client's goals in mind."

"Myself and my colleagues at the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth are very pleased with Terri's professionalism and talent! She helped lead us through a logo rebranding process which hadn't been done in nearly four decades. Terri responded to all of our feedback and really took into consideration our agency's mission and vision. The outcome was a new logo that truly represents our agency's work, mission and vision. We're so pleased with the outcome!" -JONQUIL NEWLAND, TCCY

"Terri was very patient and professional with me as I kept getting side-tracked by other projects. Despite that, she delivered a good-looking, useful, summary infographic of our work that will be core to soliciting general operating funds in 2020." -SAN JOSE PUBLIC LIBRARY FOUNDATION