Devens CAP / MA

Did you know that Devens, MA is a 4,400 acre former military base that is internationally recognized as an Eco-Industrial Park and now serves as a national model for other bases? The Devens community includes both commercial and residential areas and has preserved its vast open space and recreation areas. Working with KLA, Devens was able to establish goals and initiatives that will help the community become more resilient, healthy, and thrive in the face of climate change.

This report tells a story about Devens' commitment to develop this area in a sustainable and healthy way, what they've done, and where they can do better. So how do we connect the reader to the story? There are 2 types of readers: those who read cover to cover and those who will skim through. Using infographics can be a powerful tool to engage any reader because they break down important messages along with its supporting data into small bits of information. This makes it faster for the reader to understand complex concepts and is more likely to attract their attention, making it more memorable.

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