The Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth (TCCY) was seeking a new logo as part of their rebranding initiative. Through the vision meetings, the team felt that the logo should reflect these themes: they support the health and well-being for all children in the state; they orchestrate and lead government efforts to develop policies that support state and local advocacy groups; they take a holistic approach to children and agency needs to create new ideas and paths that will enable everyone to do their best work and help children thrive.

During the vision meeting, vision boards were presented to help the team identify which visual direction most closely aligned with their goals, brand, and logo style. The main takeaways were: that the logo should move away from traditional icons such as people, flowers, and trees; and that they would best describe their organization as - visionary, conductor (orchestra), innovative, transparent, diverse, inclusive, and bold.

The analogy of a conductor within an orchestra (they lead and implement new policies to support numerous advocacy groups) ultimately provided the inspiration for the final logo and a mobile became the foundation for the design. A mobile includes multiple shapes and components that are weaved together to form an overall structure that is flexible and adaptable. The bars create a musical feel with varying angles that represent melody and movement, best describing how all these groups work together in a harmonious way all with the common goal of improving the health and well-being for children in Tennessee.

"Myself and my colleagues at the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth are very pleased with Terri's professionalism and talent! She helped lead us through a logo rebranding process which hadn't been done in nearly four decades. Terri responded to all of our feedback and really took into consideration our agency's mission and vision. The outcome was a new logo that truly represents our agency's work, mission and vision. We're so pleased with the outcome!" ~Jonquil Newland

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