St. Theresa School / MA

St. Theresa School's mission is to build a strong educational foundation while embracing the Catholic faith, respecting diversity, and fostering community. Their logo was not legible and the symbolism did not reflect who they are today.

The School describes themselves as positive, supportive, diverse, and having a strong relationship with the School community, students, and parents. We explored new ways to represent these qualities while using typography that is legible across all mediums.

The final logo includes a cross to represent faith; a book to represent learning and faith; and three hearts forming a circle to represent community and passion for its student body and learning.

The new logo now aligns better with St. Theresa School's mission and has a modern look with large, legible type that will look good on student gear and uniforms. We chose a bright color palette to appeal to the younger student body that exudes warmth, positivity, and enthusiasm.

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