Resilient Danvers / MA

Danvers is a blend of big city options and small town comfort. The impacts of climate change can threaten industry, infrastructure, and way of life. Developed in collaboration with Kim Lundgren Associates (KLA), this Plan outlines the goals for Danvers so they can continue to thrive as a resilient community.

The design of the Plan was outlined at the beginning of the project by using a moodboard to show the overall vibe of the report along with a storyboard to show how we will visually tell the story through the use of graphics and format.

We designed a bold, colorful, and vibrant report by selecting a bright color palette along with soft waves and patterns that create movement and energy throughout the pages. We used color coding for each Focus Area to make navigating easier for the reader.

Reports that have a lot of technical information and tables do not have to be dull. We can still make them interesting for the reader by using a well-organized format paired with great imagery, illustrations, and infographics.

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