WME Federal Handout / NH

Skill sheets are a great tool to add to your marketing toolbox. They are concise and informative and easy to update on the fly. WME needed to promote their federal services to clients at an upcoming conference and requested a well-designed, flexible template that can easily be adapted for other services.

WME was looking for a consistent look to their skill sheets that was modern, clean, and fit within their existing brand. Using their logo as inspiration, we developed a vision board that included two different concepts, each playing on the curves and roundness of the logo. Each concept included variations on color, banner styles, and image format to create a customized look for the template.

To make the template flexible, we set up a grid, color palette, and styles to make future skill sheets easy to format and produce.

Clear hierarchy, strong messaging, concise information, and an engaging design quickly connects the reader to your product or service and leaves them curious to learn more about your business.

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