Beverly-Salem CAP / MA

Working with KLA, we designed the Resilient Together Climate Action Plan for the Cities of Salem and Beverly. The goals presented in this plan provide a path forward to address climate change for the two coastal communities.

The report includes case studies, sustainability highlights, detailed tables, and data that explains the current situation, what the Towns have achieved so far, and where they will focus their attention over the next decade and beyond to address the needs of the two cities.

There were multiple companion pieces created in addition to the CAP to keep residents and businesses informed as part of the Resilient Together Program. These included a climate summary, trends report, fact sheets for each Focus area, and two Toolkits - one for businesses and one for residents. The fact sheets, trend report, and climate summary were provided in English, Spanish, Albanian, and Portuguese to reach their diverse audience. All collateral was made 508C to reach a broader audience and for those with disabilities.

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