Clark County CVA / NV

Clark County, Nevada is working with KLA to assess and determine its climate goals for the region. To date, this region has one of the largest group participation rates during the plan development process. This means that the delivery of information needed to be presented in an easily understandable way for this diverse and large audience.

Clark County worked with KLA to explore the various areas where the region is most vulnerable to the climate's effects. Through many meetings and outreach efforts with the community, they developed a plan that outlines where they will need to focus their efforts based on the vulnerability rankings of four core planning subject areas.

The Climate Vulnerability Report is one in a series of reports for Clark County that discusses where the region is most vulnerable to the climate's effects. The design challenge was to design a format that was organized in a clear way due to the multiple tiers of information. The content includes four planning subject areas, each containing their own unique story, strategies, and vulnerability rankings as well as the birds-eye view of the overall planning process and findings.

Organization and a flexible grid system would play a major role for the format. Organizing the content using visual elements was solved by creating a color-coded system with an icon system for the four planning subject areas and a smaller set of distinct icons for the four climate hazards. This gives a quick visual cue for the reader. A flexible grid system allows for each section to maintain visual continuity but still be distinct enough to highlight the various types of information.

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