BSC Group / MA

BSC decided to refresh their brand after reevaluating their mission, vision, and company culture. As a firm with scientists and engineers, one of their core beliefs is to seamlessly merge the built environment with the natural environment.

Exploring Ideas.
We explored symbology that represented both the built and natural environment; looked at various typefaces that were bold yet simple; developed a brighter color palette that represents both environments; and created a design that reflects their positive and modern corporate culture.

Creating Solutions.
The square in the logo mark represents the sharp angles we typically see in buildings and man-made infrastructure while the softer, curved shape leaf represents the natural world. By integrating the square into the leaf, we were able to create the connection to both the built and natural environments.

Connecting People.
BSC's new brand centers around solutions that include a positive client experience as well as a holistic approach when designing for both the built and natural environments. This approach minimizes the impact on our planet and increases the health of our communities so that they continue to thrive.

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