A good design involves understanding the content, what message the client is trying to convey, and what the reader should learn from it.

We reviewed the content and data with the client to identify the main ideas of the story. From there, we sorted, consolidated, and outlined the most relevant ideas and developed a quick sketch to story board the narrative. Using this story board as a guide, we designed the brochure incorporating the tone and brand of the business.

Adapting the design to be in sync with a client's brand creates a unified look for their business. If the guidelines only include a logo and basic color palette, we can work to expand upon it by introducing new graphical elements, infographics, and icons to help tell their story.

Sometimes information can be complex or highly technical, so it's important to present it in a way that helps the reader easily grasp the information. In this brochure, we used infographics, imagery, and layers of information to help guide the narrative.

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