Fit Muscle & Body / MA

Fit Muscle & Body is a local, woman-owned startup massage therapy and wellness business in Massachusetts. Their target audience is women athletes who seek to maintain their health and well-being as they age. Their main differentiator between local competitors is that they take a whole body approach to healing by offering nutritional coaching in addition to massage therapy.

Through our initial discussions, the client wanted a logo that reflects movement, health, and nutrition and a soft, neutral color palette that's reminiscent of the sea, which is viewed as one of the healthiest environments for healing and health.

The final logo uses a soft color palette inspired by the ocean; a set of circles represent a dinner plate and nutrition; and an abstract set of "wings" or "waves" to represent the athlete in motion and a path to wellness. The logo is a flexible system, so several variations of the final logo were provided so the client can expand the brand into a line of apparel in the future.

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